Holapick - Scam?

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The company promised a refund upon return of items but they have not refunded since the items were returned more than a week ago.

Holapick - This company is a SCAM

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You receive cheap imitation of their web pictured product. The quality is so poor, the items I purchased all went straight to the garbage can.

I wasted $80. The $25 total refund for the $80 I spent has never materialized.

Holapick - Here we go again!!

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This company is supposedly based in the US but is a Chinese company.

I ordered a dress which looked great on the website but when it arrived FOUR WEEKS LATER, it was a totally different dress! This is apart from the fact that the colour was different and although I went by the size chart they provided, it was about 3 sizes TOO SMALL!

I went through the usual back and forth emails with them offering me a refund of $5 ( it cost me $26) and sent photos of both the dress I ordered AND the one I received. Their reply was that there are usually some slight differences due to lighting and re-offered me the $5.

This is supposed to be a Patch Pocket dress, meaning there should be two pockets on top of the skirt. The dress I was sent had slit pockets under the skirt and they are still insisting it's the dress I ordered.

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! It's a total scam!

The mid blue was what I ordered but I have uploaded the grey because it's easier to see the pockets. The dark blue ones show my hand in the pocket of what I actually received. It's so obviously a vertical slit and not a square top pocket

I have raised a dispute with PayPal and although I asked Holapick not to contact me, they keep emailing me.

Not a happy puppy.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Holapick - Absolute rubbish

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Absolutely awful!

Wrong size. Nothing like the photos. Shocked

Absolutely awful customer service. Making it so difficult to return the goods!

Do not buy anything from this company!

Product or Service Mentioned: Holapick Customer Care.

Holapick - Awful company

Not resolved

First of all. Clothing cheap.

Takes a month to get.

Can’t get anyone to get back to merengue s and they say r EY areeasg. Company is a joke

Product or Service Mentioned: Holapick Customer Care.

Holapick - Terrible delivery andcostumer service

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This website which seems to have many duplicates with different names (e.g: berrylook, etc) is an unreliable website to buy stuff from. The delivery takes very very long and it is not guaranteed.

The costumer service is horrible and refuses to provide you the service and keeps dragging you and wastes time until you are left with no option other than to either accept their offers or forget all about items and give up and the replies are sometimes like machine generated answers.

To go into more details. I bought more than a month ago 125 dollar worth of goods from this website (5 items) and only a month later I received just one of them which did not match the color even. 4 other items (95 dollars) were missing and no one knows where they are. The DHL post service in Germany says they were sent back to the Chinese post service.

While on the Chinese post service website it explains vaguely that it was delivered to hub!??depot? The costumer service keeps sending the same reply back which says it was delivered! but to who no one knows and they cannot or do not want to find the details for the delivery.

I have called the DHL office back and forth and they told me the package was sent back. I have sent almost 24 emails explaining over and over again the problem and still nothing!

In short DO NOT BUY ANYTHING from this website or any website like this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Holapick Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.



Terrible quality. I ordered three shift dresses which looked like shrunk dresses.

The pictures look good online but the quality is disgusting. These clothes are totally badly promoted.

I feel cheated. Please do not buy from this website.

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