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This company is supposedly based in the US but is a Chinese company.

I ordered a dress which looked great on the website but when it arrived FOUR WEEKS LATER, it was a totally different dress! This is apart from the fact that the colour was different and although I went by the size chart they provided, it was about 3 sizes TOO SMALL!

I went through the usual back and forth emails with them offering me a refund of $5 ( it cost me $26) and sent photos of both the dress I ordered AND the one I received. Their reply was that there are usually some slight differences due to lighting and re-offered me the $5.

This is supposed to be a Patch Pocket dress, meaning there should be two pockets on top of the skirt. The dress I was sent had slit pockets under the skirt and they are still insisting it's the dress I ordered.

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! It's a total scam!

The mid blue was what I ordered but I have uploaded the grey because it's easier to see the pockets. The dark blue ones show my hand in the pocket of what I actually received. It's so obviously a vertical slit and not a square top pocket

I have raised a dispute with PayPal and although I asked Holapick not to contact me, they keep emailing me.

Not a happy puppy.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $26.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I already spent 125.00 and six months back and forth with my bank dealing with Noracora. Inferior clothing, deceipt and stupid employees that have no honor. If it looks to good or cute to be true, it certainly is with these Chinese jokers.


I ordered a cute shirt and have not yet received it. These Chinese companies.

I ordered from Comfrs and the same thing happened. There months of back and forth with money offered and wouldn't tell me where to send the shirt back after pictures were sent to them, etc. What a shame they are screwing with us!!

I too am pissed!!!! I'm mad at myself for getting fooled by Holapick too!!


I ordered a top that looked great in their ad. It finally arrived and didn't look like the fabric shown.

I e-mailed them and asked for a refund. No information in the package as to where to return it. They e-mailed me back asking me to take pictures from several angles of the item before they would give me information as to where to return it. I, too, am a first-time buyer and was taken in by their beautiful pictures on the internet.



I am a first time buyer so I got drawn in by the pretty pictures. What I got was the worst quality material.

It was terrible.

Even though the price is low when you look at the pictures, when you get it then you see how overpriced the product is. Just terrible.


Over the years I have found all the 'cutesy' names and very pretty designs and fabrics ALL come from the rubbish Chinese company(s). I've had 2 or 3 experiences with the different names and I received rubbish in fabric and shoddy in style. Now I research first and learn to not buy.


I just ordered $241 worth of clothes from them and then found this site of reviews! UGH, I hope I didn't just get screwed!


You did. I ordered back in April and still waiting for items.

They are a phoney outfit along with Shoessee and others. Do not buy from these scammers.




The clothes they show pictures of that we think we are ordering are NOT the same. Shirts that have embroidery on them in the pictures do not have one stitch of embroidery and going by their size chart is a joke also.

DO NO order ANYTHING from them!! Also they try to make us believe that it is in the United States when in reality it is in Hong Kong!!!


Holapic a Total Scam. Also, be on the lookout for this one "Shoesee".

Ordered shoes and still have not arrived. Glad I didn't spend too much money on these two awful Hong Kong sites.


Yes I still waiting for my ordered. I ordered a dress and paid from 28 dollars 11 dollars extra to be delivered with a total of 41 dollars.

I still waiting. Pls respond to my message. There have been many complaints and not being fair. This have to stop.

Your clothes is beautiful but it has to reflect your reputation. Thank you.


Thought I was ordering from USA base . Now I find out it’s a China company!

So please sent my money back! It’s 30.30 for a blouse. you got your money fast enough but I don’t have the blouse! I’m pissed and I notice there are others like me.

I can promise this I will never use your company and neither will my family!

Take care of business gentlemen and back you company up by doing the right thing. Give back the money!

@Sandra K Xwz



holapick merchandise is like food from fast food places - it looks good on the commercial and looks awesome on billboards but in real life not so much


It sucks that you and do many others have been taken by these crooks but I thank you and everyone else for their reviews. I was thinking about making a purchase but after seeing that every item was made from polyester and all had a raving review (some even using similar words one after the other), I was immediately skeptical and that's when I searched for legitimate reviews and found this site.

I will definitely not be making a purchase from this fly by night "company".

I wish you the best with your issue with them! What a headache :(


I never received my order either. They stole almost $200.00 from me.

I am getting no answers from them at all.

I have complained to Google, to AOL, and I am going to our local TV channel to see what they can do. Is there anyway that we can all file a class action lawsuit?


Can I join the complaint?




I ordered blouses for my girlfriend which have never arrived and was bill for them.. WHY?????


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